Sylviane Rolland and Narada Brind'Amour

Sylviane Rolland

Sylviane Rolland, master chocolatier

A curious foodie and always smiling, Sylviane always takes a great pleasure in answering your questions and share her tip. Graduated from the Institute of Tourism and Hotelerie of Quebec, she studied management, marketing, cooking, baking and chocolate making. Wherever she goes, she never forget to taste the chocolates she discovers. No choice, it's part of her job! For her, "chocolate is the best product to work with; it makes people happy!"

Narada Brind'Amour

Narada Brind'Amour, master chocolatier

A real chocolate enthusiast, Narada transforms it ceaselessly with the greatest care. He loves pairings during which he attempts to marry chocolate to other sublime substances: spirits, wines, beers ... A graduate of the Institute of Tourism and hotelerie of Quebec in pastry and chocolate making, and also teacher in his spare time, he is demanding when it comes to quality. He continuously tries to improve his recipes to delight your taste buds. He hopes to hear you say that it is "the best chocolate you have ever eaten!".